Information for Grant Applications

Contact us with the following information and we’ll send you our formal grant application

Grant Proposal – for folks who wish to receive a grant from Florida Writers Foundation


Name of person submitting

Email address of that person

Mailing address of that person

Phone number of that person

Name of project for which the grant will be used

Is this a new project or an ongoing one?

For how many years has this project been happening?

Total number of people who participate in this project each year

Company/organization spearheading the project

Company/organization purpose/services

Company/organization geographic area served

Company/organization CEO/Executive Director

Company/organization website

Company/organization mailing address

Company/organization phone number

Number of full-time paid employees, part-time paid employees, and volunteers

Tax ID or FEIN for company/organization

Location where project will take place

Brief description of project and how it will increase the love of reading/writing

Total funds being requested

Specific statement about how requested funds will be used

Total cost of project – including all other sources of funds

Period of time over which funds will be spent

Period of time the project is expected to continue?

List of other groups/organizations who are providing funds

What kind of PR will this project receive?

What kind of PR would you expect from FWF, should you receive this grant?

Number of people who will benefit from this grant

Date by when funds are needed


Are there any restrictions?
In general, the Florida Writers Foundation does not fund requests for:

  • Grants to individuals
  • Grants that do not promote literacy or writing
  • Grants for candidates of political office
  • Grants for building or construction projects
  • Grants for debt reduction or capital campaigns
  • Grants for graduate or post-graduate research
  • Grants to buy books directly from authors that exceed the cost of printing.
  • Requests to pay salaries or volunteer benefits.
  • Should we give Florida Writers Foundation recognition?
    Yes, please! We’ve found that promoting what we’ve funded and will often lead to an increase in donations, thus FWF will have more money for literacy programs. You can thank us by printing our name and logo in any printed program or publication, by mentioning our name during an interview, or allowing us to hang a banner at your event.  If the grant is used for an event with a membership fee, FWF requests at least one comp ticket to the event.  In addition, by sharing photos, videos, news articles, or any publicity of the event will help you to fulfill your obligation of verifying the event or program. In turn, it FWF will promote your program/event—and your organization—by adding photos or video clips of what we have helped to sponsor.  It’s a win-win!

When seeking a grant, please consider the following:

  • Requests should be clear and concise
  • Requests should align with the Florida Writers Foundation’s mission:
    “Florida Writers Foundation Inc. (FWF) is a is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation established to promote literacy and to enhance writing skills in children, youth, and adults.”
  • Requests must come from an Internal Revenue Service recognized 501©3 non-profit organization or from individual/s skilled to undertake the proposed event/s.
  • As a general guideline, monies will usually go to established 501©3s, established educational nonprofits.  There have been exceptions, however, so the more information an individual can provide—along with examples of past success, the better the chances will be of being awarded grant monies.

Each grant given carries these requirements:

  • Recipient must – after each event if there is more than one
    • Email pictures and a summary of the event along with final profit and loss statement for the event to FWF
    • Submit a written statement verifying that all funds were used only in the manner intended
    • Verify the number of individuals served by this grant
  • NOTE: Multi-year grants require this each year